Why be a vegan

You learn new cooking techniques. Brilliant and spot on: From a distance though, because I will never come out of the closet, I am to comfortable living a double life now.

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Sorry its hard to hear everyone. If you were in front of me, I would challenge you to a duel. Diet-related diseases are thieves that steal our quality of life and ultimately kill us prematurely — first taking away our ability to play alongside our grandchildren and ultimately taking us out of their lives altogether.

People who choose to eat a plant based diet solely for health reasons are not true Vegans. Thank you for your compassion. Jayson Repko Just because there are products out there that are vegan and unhealthy adds absolutely zero weight to your argument.

Eating bee puke made to feed other bees causes bee populations harm. Eating, wearing and using animals or not is indeed a choice, but it is not a personal one, or you are forgetting someone.

Have you ever heard of autocorrect?!?. Allowing torture for extra pleasure. Do you really want less cruelty to animals or do you want a to make a political statement. You do not have the right to tell anyone they are disgusting or to bully them for their life choices.

So much flawed logic in this questioning…. Have you ever looked into the eyes of these animals. But not nearly as sad as the suffering inflicted daily from unquestionably supporting factory farming and looking the other way.

How about you stop artificially breeding them first. I have had the weird fortune to have been a member of a small community where two people who died of suicide and 20 others died of their own actions within one year, it was inconclusive how many of those deaths were suicidal, but probably not that many.

The world, nature, is unfair, but I am fair enough, so I try. Enjoy the next 40 years. What do you believe is more extreme. Plants feel pain too. You do not have the right to tell anyone they are disgusting or to bully them for their life choices.

Now I am sad about it to this day because of my stupid mouth. When you live in a world where it is not only possible, but easy, to live a completely healthy lifestyle and recieve all the nutrients one needs without having to murder and animal that values its own life…then why not choose that.

If you deliberately choose to force sentient beings to go through horrific suffering and have no regard to the fact that our children may not have a future because of your actions that makes you a certifiable psychopath and we have a moral duty to do everything we can to try to wake you up.

So we tried making bean and rice burritos and — again, much to our surprise —we liked them better. And clearly they feel both. Pair it with a vegan lasagna for a hearty Italian meal. You are no lion.

Even if all vegans cared little for animals, it is the best interest of human beings to adopt veganism.

Why I’m Vegan But Still Have a Leather Belt [MUST READ]

I have no proof, but I wonder if the Paleo movement has caused a ripple effect where coconut products are concerned that may not be very good.

When I began this dietary journey, I just cut out meat.

People Hate Vegans, Freud Could Explain Why

Not a true vegan, not a true environmentalist, not a true LGBT ally, not a true Christian, not a true. Dear Frank, So much has happened since we last spoke.

Vegan Starter Kit

Vegan definition, a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet. See more. Apr 07,  · For Kristin Deiss, it's always been about the animals.

10 Reasons You Should NOT Go Vegan

She embraced a vegetarian diet after spending time with chickens at her grad school professor's house. She became a vegan. If you’re vegan you may be thinking “those stupid Vegan Bro motherfuckers.

Why Veganism is Good for You?

That’s blasphemy! Honey is NOT vegan!”. Picking out a bottle of wine should be easy, but when you’re vegan, it’s no easy feat. But it’s about to get a whole lot easier with this guide to choosing vegan wine. From an organic. Jul 12,  · In practice, very few people are satisfied with the flavors and tastes of a diet based exclusively on plant foods, even when these foods are loaded up with artificial flavors, which is why it is so difficult for most people to remain on a vegan diet.

I stumbled across the Forks Over Knives documentary and my life hasn't been the same since. Here's why I'm choosing to become a vegan (and how I do it).

Why be a vegan
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Vegan Starter Kit - Why Vegan?