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Standing at the other view, putting the mind at rest by enjoying media entertainment, people reduce the stress. The necessity for having a rest from work and worry cannot be too much stressed. The other, positive thing we must learn to do is to find the feasts that God has prepared for us, to find them in the unlikeliest places and at times when we are nervous or frustrated at what appears to be an endless wait, a waste of time.

When you have really motivating goals or a project that make constant demands of your time, it is easy to sacrifice leisure time to continue working. Needless to say there is such a thing as purpose without meaning. Most of the time we emphasize doing, living up to standards.

Leisure time is necessary for people after working and studying hard, and there are various recreation activities to do base on oneself purpose. A lot of other programmers I know would take this as a sign that they need a break, so they decide to browse the web or check their e-mail inbox.

Essay on Leisure

Passivity is not leisure; neither is receptivity nor a mere taking in. Leisure is also an end in itself, as celebration is, for which we need nothing but the time we take.

We live not to create work but to enjoy leisure. They are also health-giving. By taking steps to increase our energy levels, through proper diet and exercise, it is easier to focus on these tasks rather than waste time. And, to the degree to which our awareness is increased, our aliveness is increased.

But the problem is—how to acquire leisure.

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In this fast life, leisure plays a significant role because it relaxes us and brings immense joy. In other circumstances you would not take the time to meditate on a tree for a half an hour or dwell upon the innocence and gaiety of a child at play.

Personally, participating in outside pursuits is good for both metal and physical health.

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Employee retention Employee retention is a huge challenge faced by many organisations at present. To the extent that we work in a leisurely way, our work and our labor enter into the sacrifice of Christ, because the gesture of sacrifice and the gesture of thanksgiving are closely related. The old-school people say — if your work does not give you anything more than mere subsistence, be contented with that, and instead of multiplying hours of work to win a surplus income — to bring grist to the mill-take and hour or two off to wander away into the dreamland of your fancy or thoughts of God or religion.

In summary, doing activities, improving our mind in leisure time will enhance our thinking but perhaps, also lead to feeling more stressful. That end, unless we are already leisurely, never comes. What we do is of course important to all of us. On the other hand, we can wider our knowledge and absorb more information from many kind of books, the mental health will be better.

That is what leisure is — the amount of our aliveness. And what is the response to this. When you are low on energy because you have spent too long focusing on a tough problem, take a break, but take a real break. First of all, how was it made. Certain tasks require a lot of our focus and energy, usually these tasks are also the same tasks we find most enjoyable or are the most productive.

Balancing Work and Leisure

Somerset Maugm considers leisure as the most priceless thing a man can have. The second issue to solving this problem is energy. It will not be purely utilitarian or functional, unless we include the notion of celebration in the functional, as I think we should.

There the problem is not that people are starving to death in the streets, it is the absence of enough productive work to keep everybody occupied. Leisure, then, is an end in itself. That would be a strange kind of life, if indeed it were even possible. Shortage of food, clothing, shelter, warmth, these are reasonable complaints.

Public Policies In response to economic and cultural trends, many with focus on women and parents with children, a range of public policies supporting work-life balance has been developed. This issue of energy levels often extends to work. But leisure is taking time.

Contemporary International Issues Essay Work and Leisure Critically examine how global changes in the relationship between work and leisure patterns could affect the lifestyle of people in nations throughout the world.

The flourishing of genre paintings and the growing interest in the work and leisure activities of common people in the eighteenth century reflect the changing sociopolitical climate.

Essay on Leisure Subrat Mangaraj To him the only object of work is to obtain leisure. So Bertrand Russell prescribed only four hour work a day to earn livelihood and the rest is for enjoying leisure. Or we may say, the sole purpose of work is to create leisure.

The happiest man, of course, is he whose work is leisure, who finds perpetual. Work and Leisure Dr Stanley Parker views work and leisure as a totality, he believes them to be bound together.

In Parker () he writes ‘It is easy to think of leisure as the opposite of work, or to define it as time left over after work.

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Work/life balance strategies enhance the autonomy of workers in coordinating and integrating the work and non-work aspects of their lives (Felstead et al, ). Three broad types of work/life strategies have been created to help employees balance their work and non-work lives: flexible work options, specialised leave policies and.

- The Importance of Leisure Time *No Works Cited Leisure is defined as freedom from the demands of work or duty. Everybody needs leisure in their lives, to balance the stress of work and life.

Leisure helps re-energize and relax people, so they can perform activities well in their lives.

Work and leisure essay
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